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Mulching / Subsoiling


Mulching Services

Enviromulch leads the way with its signature Mulching Services. Our mulching machines are capable of clearing land of unwanted trees and brush with limited disturbance to soils and desirable vegetation, while also having the ability to operate on steep slopes and in small/tight areas, or in poor ground conditions.

Mulching services can be used for right-of-way clearing, clearing for roads, highways, pipelines, utility lines and farmland development.

We have a diverse fleet of Mulchers ranging from 2PSI low ground pressure surface grinding units to high powered 630HP below surface mulchers perfect for stumping and grubbing applications.

Subsoiling Services

Enviromulch has the largest fleet of Ironwolf subsoilers in Western Canada, these machines provide a 10 foot wide cut up to 10 inches deep and 630HP of direct power to the cutting head. We utilize these machines for milling topsoil in frozen pipeline right-of-way conditions where stripping is not possible due to risk of ad’mixing soils. These units keep winter topsoil stripping possible and your project on schedule.

Whether preparing a field for agriculture, enhancing a landscape, or rehabilitating a construction site, our subsoiling ensures the ground beneath your feet is primed for success.