About Us


We are a family owned and operated business providing safe, organized, environmentally friendly clearing & trenching services. Founded in 2005 by Rex Sluchinski, a Heavy-Duty Mechanic, Enviromulch’s concern for the environment is at the forefront of our business model. The subsoiling, mulching, logging and trenching services we provide are the fastest, safest and most productive in the industry.

We provide responsible solutions for the oil & gas, forestry, agriculture and construction industries. Land clearing and maintenance will always be necessary for economic progress. Mulching is cost efficient and reduces a company’s environmental footprint where this clearing is required. Our trained operators have fully equipped service trucks, allowing us to maintain the machines on site, which increases our daily productivity. Enviromulch takes pride in always having a variety of mulchers available to suit each project's unique requirements. We are dedicated and focused on completing the task safely, on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.