Enviromulch is a full-service mulching company with tough, capable operators and a fleet of machinery for any job. We specialize in a full range of mulching, management, clean-up, and other industrial services, including:

  • Pipeline Clearing
  • Fenceline Clearing
  • Road Building
  • Light Cat Work
  • Sewer Trenching
  • Basement Digging
  • General Excavating
  • Subsoiling
  • Acreage/Lakelot Developments
  • Commercial / Residential Land Clearing
  • Disaster / Debris Clean-up
  • Overgrowth Clean-Up
  • Earth Works
  • Mulchsite Projects
  • Powerline Clearing


Enviromulch has developed a SECOR Safety Program which features six important elements:

1. Management commitment and involvement
2. Hazard assessment and control
3. Rules and procedures
4. Training and motivation
5. Communication and group meetings
6. Accident and incident investigation

Our company’s program involves safety training in everyday work skills. Enviromulch has included the contents of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations in our program. We ensure that our employees are up to date and/or upgraded through the Alberta apprenticeship programs and industry courses as required.

Every operator has all safety certification: First Aid, H2S Alive, CSTS, Dangerous Goods Transportation, and WHMIS. All operators are also screened for substance abuse.

Enviromulch is part of the ISN and ComplyWorks network and can be viewed upon request.

Our Fleet

We believe in the right equipment for the right job. That’s why we have a number of machines, all of them ready for any kind of project and available 24/7. No matter what the challenge, our heavy-duty equipment can handle it with speed, efficiency, and safety. All models are optimized for minimal ground disturbance and environmental impact.

About Us

We are a mulching company providing safe, organized, environmentally friendly mulching services. Founded in 2005 by Rex Sluchinski, a Heavy Duty Field Mechanic, Enviromulch’s concern for the environment is at the forefront of our business model. Our mulching services provide the fastest, safest, and most productive service in the industry.

We provide responsible solutions for the oil & gas, forestry, agriculture, and construction industries. Mulching is cost efficient and reduces a company’s environmental footprint. Our trained operators have fully equipped service trucks, allowing us to maintain our machines on site, which increases productivity. Enviromulch takes pride in providing the appropriate mulch to suit each job’s requirements. We are focused on completing the task safely, on time, and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Enviromulch Full Mulching Services

Box 3579, Spruce Grove, Alberta, T7X 3A8

F 780.968.0205

Evan 780.233.5831

Rex 780.289.1593

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